The realm of small business is getting changed rapidly these days. Entrepreneurs are becoming far more diverse in terms of age, origin, gender etc. Such shift in small business ownership has been bringing in new opportunity and the same is influencing the economy positively.

  Multitudes of inspirational & influential entrepreneurs from diverse fields have created a positive impression on the younger generation as entrepreneurship is a key facet of nation’s economy and crucial driver for employment & economic growth. Entrepreneurs through their creativity and dogmatic approach work on and for innovations and thus help build a society that is richer, socially adept & technically advanced.

  Being the initial formal stage (of venture creation activities) dealing with nascent innovations and addressing the myriad of pain-points of idea commercialization, TBIs assume significant and justifiable role in the nurturing of innovation development of entrepreneurship.


Alumni, Final year students, General public can take part

  Public and private funds are available in plenty for entrepreneurship development. Wherever ideas can be translated to prototypes & intern launch to customers, such students’ projects or viable and scalable ideas from alumni, students from other institutions and general public are invariably taken up seriously for start-up creation.